Our field of actions is to help people stay comfortably in their country, reducing poverty level and discouraging them from illegal migration.

  • Provide community services in rural areas.
  • Render provisional help to the needy in the society to reduce the level of poverty and unemployment.
  • Enlighten women and youths on being self-dependent discouraging them from dangers of illegal migration
    organize seminars and talks on illegal migration and its risk.
  • work in collaboration with other organizations that has the interest of the community in rural areas in rendering help and advice.
    going to rural area and also people in the community, know what they are passing through and strategizing on how we can help them in solving their problems.
  • raising help financially for those that does not have money to further their academics.
    those not interested in academics we enroll them in a vocational school to learn one skills or the other . all this is aiming at helping them to get busy, meeting their need financially. And thus reducing the rate at which they migrate illegally to other countries in search of greener pasture.